Konami continues to ride the hype around deserted on Twitter –

Riddle about abandoned e the silent Hill It continues to thicken. We do not know how much truth there is about all the theories that have arisen in these hours, what is certain that everyone, from Konami Below, there is a bit of a rally. The Japanese publisher, for example, continues in these hours to introduce new Silent Hill merchandise via the official Twitter account of its store, with the phrase “soon“, soon.

Hence, it is another nod to the Silent Hill series. For months, in fact, there has been talk of his due return, under the direction of Hideo Kojima. In these hours, the story has become more complicated since it became mysterious abandoned, a game very inspired by the classics of Konami, and its development team seems to leave many clues that lead to Silent Hill and Kojima. Add to that the same game design that Konami has come back to follow on Twitter, Sony that niche and Jeff Keighley promising novelty and the impression is that there’s a cat harboring her.

If you add to all this Konami who keeps posting pictures of merchandise related to Silent Hill, the situation becomes muddled. Also because it can be wrong once, but doing it a second time without having anything concrete behind it Bravery, where it can easily turn into a gentle mutation.

without considering that parsley Jeff enjoys confusion.

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