No one ever thought that this food fights insomnia and stress

We all have found ourselves facing periods of stress and insomnia at least once in our lives. The causes can vary, from difficulties at work to running your home. To these problems that we can identify on the agenda, another unimportant problem has been added that comes from the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the year of the pandemic caused such malaise, that many turned to a psychotherapist to improve their mood.

If some problems are better left to the competence of professionals, others can be solved (or at least mitigated) with small daily gestures.

We’ve said many times how important exercise is to combat everyday stress (link Who is the), But there’s also another activity that can help. Which? To eat. Yes you already eat, but we must specify Thing. Today we will discover something that many ignore and that is perhaps an important finding for most Italians.

No one ever thought that this food fights insomnia and stress

On the occasion of “Pasta Day” on March 15th, many nutritionists took the opportunity to uncover some of the hidden properties of carbohydrates par excellence. In fact, pasta stimulates absorption Tryptophan, The amino acid precursor of melatonin and serotonin, is essential for mood and sleep regulation, respectively.

The common idea among us Italians is that eating pasta for dinner makes you fat and reduces your body and night’s rest. Nothing more wrong. When eaten with a light sauce and in adequate quantities, pasta can be an excellent ally to fight stress and sleep peacefully.

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tall or short?

Another curiosity has to do with the type of pasta to be eaten. Important studies have shown that long pasta is more filling than short pasta for post-cooking weight reasons. Therefore, despite the same calories, if we are very hungry, it is better to choose a plate of spaghetti rather than penne.

No one ever thought that this food fights insomnia and stress Pasta lovers They will definitely be happy.

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