How are you all? scary words

The men and women returned with news that was not at all reassuring to the show’s loyal viewers. Health problems of a beloved character, here are the words that frightened the fans.

Study of men and women
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Men and women always confuse the public with news. But this time, instead of laughter and fun, there is bad news that upset everyone. when it looked The moment of happiness has finally come for the historic Lady of Turin, here that the editorial staff is the protagonist of a very sad news.

Men and women is the most loved dating show in recent times. Maria De Filippi is the much-loved TV presenter and follower that tells very exciting stories. On stage, not only quarrels and explosions play, like those that the audience is certainly accustomed to, between Gemma Galgani and Tina Sipolari. The program tells us something more.

The presented stories are characterized by various incidents in which the relationships of rivals, performers and suitors of different editions are intertwined. From the classic throne target to more than one, no one is unhappy with what they see. It has always attracted viewers overwhelmingly and dynamically for the following reasons: Stages of real feelings.

Feelings are the heroes, and in addition to love, there are many challenges to face. One of these disturbs the life of a beloved personal: He had cancer.

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Men and women: the former character is sick

Luisa Monti
Source: Instagram profile

Men and women bring unpleasant news, led by Luisa Monti. Louisa is a former lady of Throne up from the men’s and women’s program. He is loved by the public because of his history with Salvio Calabritta, met on a dating program, and drove the audience crazy for the ups and downs that characterized them.

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men and women She’s been under the eye of the storm lately because The poisonous words a competitor said to his ex-partnerBut now there is more bad news. Health is precious, you have to take care of yourself, take tests to act in time. luisa I did that: It fights breast cancer. A difficult battle to be faced, But it is necessary to be with the people you love and live!

Luisa was supposed to marry Salvio, her partner, but I had to postpone everything due to health conditions. Taking care is essential, in fact, Monty on her official Instagram profile shares some chilling words to her followers. Here is the post:

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These are the words luisa. Strong, touching and real, Because the struggle for life should not discourage those who fight it. Fighting a tumor is not easy, but luisa It shows that with great courage and hope great goals can be achieved. Checks and visits do not end there, but the warrior does not give up.

Never give up when it comes to health, for people who are suffering, but especially for those who live this difficult disease. With the desire to recover as quickly as possible, we stay updated on Luisa’s health conditions who never give up!

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