Venice, Italy’s first women-only gym has opened to combat body shaming

“Every woman should feel free to be what she feels without anyone being able to judge her. That’s why the idea of ​​the Pink Gym, which is forbidden to enter by men, was born. When we opened in September 2019, we were all sold out. Out, max 350 members in order to do no harm to anyone in peak times. For those who come and sign up, I say our club is more than a gym, everything is under control,” Zorzato explains to Jazzteno.

Body Shame Fight – The goal is to combat discrimination in physical appearance. “Never in my gym have there been women who have broken harmony, they are all of the same voice. Merit is from the teachers, and they are all also prepared from a psychological point of view. Those who attend the gym receive a certain education about lifestyle, not Just to counter the gym hour.

Success – After the forced shutdown due to Covid restrictions, there was a boom in membership. Zorzato explains the fact that the gym is open to women only has not been contested at all. “No criticism, to say the truth that this feature of ours generated a lot of curiosity because we started doing something special and exclusive. The fact that it is only for women that guarantees privacy and people who have never exercised before come to us: women 35 and over come to us who deal With sports in such a way that they feel more free even in the exercise bill, and in the dynamics,” concludes the former athlete.

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