This is the best way to enjoy this world-famous heart-protecting antioxidant vegetable

Fruits and vegetables are good friends of the diet and excellent allies for our well-being. Thanks to its innumerable nutritional properties, it protects us from diseases and keeps our bodies healthy. We at ProiezionidiBorsa have dealt with this topic several times. If you want to know more, we may be interested The extraordinary beneficial effects of this seasonal fruitIdeal for those who do physical exercise.

To keep the nutrients of what we eat unchanged, how we cook is also important. In fact, some cooking methods tend to scatter most of the nutrients and halve their benefits. Specifically, we will show how to prepare and eat a very common but equally precious vegetable, which we usually grow to fully enjoy its nutrients. Let’s find out what it is and how to cook it.


The vegetables that can not be missing in the garden and on the table

It’s a food we often serve up and enjoy in a fresh seasonal salad, or as a side dish to a lean steak. We always notice it in the supermarket, but we probably still don’t know how good it is for our health. We are talking about the carrot.

We certainly shouldn’t be the ones reiterating the importance of this vegetable in a balanced diet, given how many times we’ve heard about it. In any case, experts Confirm what is said about this food. The antioxidant effect of carotenoids, especially beta-carotene, to combat cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer has been out of the question for some time. Then another help comes from the constant presence of fiber, which would limit the absorption of fats and saturate us quickly. Finally, let’s not forget about taking vitamins, especially A and C.

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This is the best way to enjoy this world-famous heart-protecting antioxidant vegetable

If we are all aware of the benefits of carrots, few might know that there is a way to consume it without losing its properties. In fact, it is known during cooking that most nutrients often dissolve, not only in vegetables but in food in general. A good alternative method can be steaming, but to make sure that no benefits are lost, we must adopt another system.

All we have to do is grate the carrots and serve it raw with a drop of extra virgin olive oil. This is the best way to enjoy this world famous heart-protecting antioxidant vegetable. In fact, fatty substances like oil make it easier for carrots to introduce nutrients into the body. Moreover, avoiding any kind of cooking will provide our body with the right amount of beta-carotene and vitamin C.

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