Activision Blizzard: The CMA is taking more time to investigate new proposals from Microsoft

there cm extensionThe UK Antitrust Authority has just issued an extension to the date for issuance of the final order relating to the investigation into the proposed new measure Microsoft to acceptActivision Blizzard acquisition. Previously, the decision should have arrived by July 18th, but the institution took another six weeks, moving everything to August 29th due to “special reasons”, not well defined. In any case, the CMA aims to resolve the situation as soon as possible, before the specified date, which seems to have been pushed forward for safety’s sake.

What does this mean to complete the purchase? Perhaps this is a positive sign for Microsoft, in the sense that the extra time shows that somehow the CMA wants to talk again about this issue, and reach an agreement to avoid a judgment. catwhich could open a corporate dispute if it was in favor of the House of Redmond.

In the meantime, the acquisition could be finalized in the USA and Europe, with the UK remaining on hold until a final agreement or break is reached, with Microsoft that will have to act according to the context it will find.

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