Football: MLS will launch a new lower-tier league in 2022

(by Lorenzo de Nobila) – The Major League Soccer (MLS)The largest soccer league in America has announced plans to launch a new lower-tier professional league in 2022.

The new division will seek to develop and nurture young players who are making their way out of the youth leagues.”MLS Next” to the professional ranks, as well as bringing the sport to cities where there is currently no professional football team.

Comprised of a mix of young talent and established professional players, the competition will consist of teams owned and operated by MLS clubs, although organizers also hope to attract new owners and markets to join.

In addition, the league aims to provide more professional opportunities on the technical and commercial side of the game by developing new positions for coaches, referees and managers to participate in the growth of football.

The department will also follow MLS’ commitment to activating programs as part of the initiative Football’s upward movement To develop talent and create opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups.

The tournament will begin in late March and finish with playoffs in the fall, followed by a championship match in early December.

In the coming months, the department’s management team will be assigned to oversee the launch and ongoing management of the competition, which will take place at the MLS headquarters in New York City. More details, including the league’s name and logo, participating teams and the application process for expansion clubs, will be revealed later this year. “We are thrilled to launch a new career-complete league between our academies and early MLS teams,” said MLS President and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott. “In addition to providing more opportunities for players, the new league will develop a diverse pool of talent from coaches, referees and front office managers, while also attracting fans who were previously unable to support a local club in their hometown.”

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The United Soccer League (USL) and USL League One are currently running below the MLS level. A USL spokesperson told ESPN, “The more tracks available for young players across the country, the better. We wish MFL success in their endeavours and look forward to continuing our work together to grow football in the United States.”

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