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They finish with three medals, one from each metal, and 11th place in the medal table World Championships for U-23 Speed ​​Boats / Juniors On stage from last Friday to Montemore or Velho, in Portugal. More was expected from this expedition, which has seen several podiums disappear for a few cents in the past few days.

Under 23 years old

Only two boats are competing today: Sarah Vicentini and Luca Minegolo They did not appear in the mixed final K2500: for them the ninth and final place in the race won by Belarus (1.45.22), ahead of the United States and Denmark. Samuel Burgo He is second in the K1 500 final, behind Spaniard Gorrotxategi.


Today’s medal comes from K2500 mixed with Sarah del Grata and Matteo Panizzotti: The blue boat won a bronze medal less than four-tenths from second-place Hungary: Germany won 1.45.50. Matteo Panizzotti Third place is of little value in Final B, behind Ukrainian Platash and Czech Nippur.

Matteo Bazzano, Gabriel Duchenne, Luca Gasparini and Achille Spadasini They are fifth in the K4 500, away from medals with Russia victorious over Spain and Germany. In the same women’s race the result does not change: Margherita Valerosi, Giada Rossetti, Laura Chiaberg, and Stefania Stani He is fourth with a time of 3.55 after beating Hungary, with the podiums completed in Germany and Spain.

Photo: Pierre Colombo

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