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Mattia Binotto did not follow Ferrari in Turkey, he will be on the US pit wall, but will then return to Italy, where he will follow the races in Mexico and Brazil. Laurent Mekes will oversee operations on the track.

As in 2020, Mattia Binotto decided not to travel to Turkey, as operations at Ferrari’s wall were directed by Laurent Mikis. The Maranello home team manager has resided in Italy to work on developing the car for next season, as regulations change and in which Ferrari He will try to fight back with Mercedes and Red Bull. Binotto will only travel abroad for the US Grand Prix, but he won’t be there for the races in Mexico and Brazil.

Ferrari in Turkey managed to get closer to McLaren, in this impressive battle for third place in the constructors’ championship. All remaining 6 races will be important, Binotto He prefers to participate only in the first of the three races held on the American continent, and therefore will not be present either in Mexico City or in Interlagos, where there will also be a Sprint, the third of the season. The team principal will remain at Maranello where he will closely monitor the work and progress of the 2022 car:

I wouldn’t be on the wall at the Mexican and Brazilian Grand Prix. We are entering a crucial phase of the new project and I would prefer to remain in Maranello to closely follow the activities that will have to be carried out for the 2022 season.

The choice of Binotto is not surprising. 2022 is upon us and it should be a year of recovery for Ferrari who wants to return to the top and will try to close the gap with Mercedes and Red Bull. The team manager also knows well that the team is in good hands as well with Laurent Mekies, who will have to guide Leclerc and Sainz through the race weekend in Mexico and Brazil. In Turkey last year, without Binotto, Ferrari ran one of the best races of the season, Vettel on the podium and mocking his former team manager. Binotto is now hoping to see at least one of his riders on the podium in November.

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