Ronaldo, gasoline is missing for Bentley in England –

The Portuguese hero was also affected by the fuel transportation crisis that struck Great Britain in recent days

The fuel crisis in the UK, which is causing a lot of inconvenience, also affected Cristiano Ronaldo, who returned to England after nine seasons with Real Madrid and three at Juventus. Or rather, crash into two of the many racing cars owned by the Portuguese champion.

The United kingdom It does not have enough fuel to supply the entire population, and among the people who mocked this situation, there is exactly an attacker Manchester Unitedwhose goal was to make a full recovery on Wednesday evening gave the Red Devils their first victory in the Champions League, surprising the Spaniards at Villarreal.

As the British newspapers reported, specifically, two cars were brought to the Portuguese by two bodyguards get gas. Nothing strange so far, except that the founders had to wait seven long hours to be able to refuel at the service station. When it was their turn, here’s the joke. No more fuel for Bentley e La Range Rover For the Portuguese champion. So, the two had to turn around and go back to Cristiano Ronaldo’s house and explain what happened. Naturally, his security waited for hours, hoping for a tanker to eventually arrive, but they were forced to leave on the way back. An anonymous source told the newspaper that the two men looked tired from waiting in the rain. How do we blame the guards?

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