“Now clubs are facing the consequences.”

“I am the President of FIFA and it is my responsibility Defend all football Everywhere. This includes clubs, leagues and federations from all over the world, whether small, medium or large, with different levels of development.. This is how he begins his conversation with “As”. Gianni Infantino After the UEFA statement on the Premier League and the imposition of sanctions on the nine clubs that decided to leave the league. We support UEFA in its rejection of the Premier League. We are against and will always oppose any competition that is not part of the international football structure and that threatens unity and solidarity, which must always be present in the football pyramid, which links grassroots and amateur football with the champions of this sport. However, I also have a duty to mediate between the parties so that it starts Deep and constructive dialogue in search of positive solutions. We must tackle soccer problems together. ”, he added.

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Arsenal fans protest in the Premier League

Infantino and Premier League club penalties

“There are monitoring mechanisms that guarantee solidarity so that the less fortunate teams benefit, at least in part, from the success and popularity of the most famous and powerful. PenaltiesThere are competent and independent bodies that will analyze what can and should be done about it, so it is not my duty to talk about it. Of course, this does not mean that it excludes the application of sanctions at the national, continental or global level. I said it once and I repeat it now clearly: either the clubs want to be part of the football structures or They will have to face the consequences“.

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Sustainable football and its supporters

“The fans should be at the center of everything we do. Without the fans and their passion, football would not be what it is and we have to keep that in mind.” Football is at the heart of the fans and it should beAnd we must find ways to protect their interests. We welcome investments in football, but as long as they are transparent and there are monitoring mechanisms that ensure a competitive balance, as well as a healthy and sustainable sector. “

New formula

“Keeping everything just as it is may not appeal to a younger audience as it was before, which is why I think we should discuss and expand, frankly, whether it is possible to have fewer games but make them more interesting. New layouts and more qualifiers“.

For Juventus, Real and Barcelona

“We all know the importance of these great clubs and how they are able to excite millions of fans in each of their countries and around the world, but we also need to pay attention to clubs that are not of this size, those leagues and federations that are not at the top of the pyramid. We must ensure the growth of football and its play in all around the world. UEFA will decide which procedure is most appropriate In its competitions. Of course, we must be firm and ready to act decisively, but without neglecting the possibility of trying to find common solutions to common problems. “

The New York Times: "Super Liga, Juventus, Real and Barcelona threaten 9 clubs"

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The New York Times: “Superliga, Juventus, Real and Barcelona threaten 9 clubs”

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