MG Cyberster, unveils a future roadster in Shanghai. Inspired by historical models, it will have a 100% electric build

Shanghai – A few more days later and at the Shanghai Auto Show, the great Chinese show that will open its doors in physical form on April 21, the veil on the MG Cyberster concept will be lifted, representing a 100% electric potential two-seat model. A car that, if possibly produced in a limited series, would return the SAIC Group brand to its origins, namely Morris Garage, a brilliant little British manufacturer that in 1922 created the 4 Seater Special Sport, derived from the production model. The brand that has seen gradual growth in the last century (first with the entry into British Leyland, then into Autisn Rover and then in the Rover Group) wrote important pages in the history of sports cars but after closing in 2005, it was bought in 2007 by the Chinese SAIC. The same Cyberster name for the new concept highlights it as a visionary roadster, a sporty and fun car – as MGF was produced from 2000 to 2005 – designed for the future of mobility, where electric propulsion will be most appropriate. Certainly more in demand by future generations of customers.

Drawings issued by the House The Chinese is showing a style – albeit modern – that recalls the MGF as well as the classic MG B Roadster. The Cyberster is equipped with oval Magic Eye LED headlights inspired by the classic MG models, which “reveal” when turned on. A luminous signature is reinforced on the sides by specific LED strips called a “ laser belt ” which connect to the back where the LEDs are the masters, even painting a British flag (without much originality, due to the right of the miniature) Union Jack. The vehicle has been jointly designed by MG and SAIC in the United Kingdom. “Cybester is a bold statement that looks strongly to MG’s future,” said Carl Gotham, Head of Design Center. And touching our heritage but above all, based on our latest technology and advanced design. “

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MG has yet to be released Cyberster’s full technical details, but certified sources speak of a bespoke EV engineering, able to offer – thanks to the car’s lightness – an 800-kilometer range. A running time of 0 to 100 km / h is also assumed to be less than 3.0 seconds, making it the best performing MG ever.

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