Those who eat regularly and bite their nails do not imagine the unknown dangers they can be exposed to

Technically it is called onychophagy. It is known to everyone the habit of biting nails. Although there are many variants. Indeed, those who scratch it, those who eat only the skin around them or those who take it with only one finger. Onychophagy is considered a true pathology. It is called compulsive disorder and is characterized by the inability to stop this behavior. Very harmful behaviour. It mainly affects young people aged 7-10 years and adolescents.

However, all too often, the nail-biting habit is not taken into account properly and continues into adulthood. Unfortunately, those who eat and bite their nails regularly do not imagine the unknown dangers they can be exposed to. There is a psychological and emotional aspect that must be taken care of. Stress, anxiety, or severe depressions are often the trigger. But nail biting can also turn into health problems. Here’s what they are and how to deal with them.

Those who eat regularly and bite their nails do not imagine the unknown dangers they can be exposed to

Getting rid of nail biting is really hard. Especially in the more advanced stages where both hands and all parts of the nail are affected. This gesture occurs unconsciously and uncontrollably. But with the help of a doctor the main causes of the disorder can be traced. It is a good idea to do this at the first signs. The most common causes include:

  • Anxiety, nervousness and tension.
  • emotional tension and aggression towards oneself;
  • Pathological self-harm.
  • states of loneliness and a feeling of emptiness;
  • tradition.
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between Immediate consequences There is bleeding and redness at the base of the nail and pain after cuts. However, over time, the skin at the base and sides of the nails changes as well. But the worst can happen when the skin is damaged. They have the task of protecting against the attack of viruses and bacteria. If their protection fails, you are prone to diseases such as paronychia, patereccio, onychomycosis. All unpleasant viral and bacterial infections.

Again, by placing fingers in the mouth, a person carries these bacteria inside their body. In this case, pinworm or anal bacteria can spread. Nail biting can also lead to problems with the teeth (cavities), gums, and infection with the herpes simplex virus of the lip. Finally, nail biting that persists for years can turn into deformities of the fingers.

The best way to handle the situation is to seek advice from a trusted doctor. There are also specialists who primarily deal with this issue. This way we get to the heart of the problem without stopping at the symptoms. In the meantime, nail polish or wraps that protect bitter-tasting nails can be used.


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