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Resident Evil Village It is advertised by Capcom Asia in video game retailers in Hong Kong and other regions in the region through Huge cardboard From Lady Demetrisco Real size.

Some Photo It testifies to the existence of an imposing personality within some Shops, Which shows how the Japanese company intends to focus a lot on the giant vampire character to promote Resident Evil, given the excellent public reaction to the new character.

Mrs. Demetrisco appeared in the first feature-length presentation in January and instantly caused fans to go crazy, turning her into something of a Social phenomenon, Oh really Superstar Surprisingly from the game, too. The same art director responsible for his design, Tomonori Takano, said he was certainly surprised by the character’s excellent response to the audience, and also explained its origins in an interesting study that emerged from whom it was inspired.

It is essentially Elizabeth Bathory, a 16th-century Hungarian noble plus a troublesome serial killer and combined with the character Morticia Addams in Anjelica Huston’s interpretation and compilation of items taken from the Japanese legend Hashaku-sama.

From these eclectic sources of inspiration arose the gigantic electronic letter Charming coach Who will chase Ethan in his new adventure with gothic horror colors, which in a certain way arouses the curiosity of the crowd. Obviously, Capcom decided to capitalize on the Dimitrescu obsession that emerged after the introduction of Resident Evil Village, making it a true component of marketing.

Cartoon Lady Dimitrisko of Resident Evil

Lady Dimitrescu full-size in Resident Evil Village Reinforced Capcom
Lady Dimitrescu full-size in Resident Evil Village Reinforced Capcom

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