Green Pass, 80% of our hanging sanitary ware are in operation. Doctors Syndicate: “They are committing a crime”

President of the National Federation of Syndicates of Surgeons and Dentists Filippo Agnelli He assessed the situation on sanitary ware suspended – Because they don’t have green lane Those who continue to practice the profession in any way. According to Anelli, in these cases, health workers, unless they are used for tasks that are not as a doctor“,«They can’t work at all».

«The law – explains the president to Adnkronos Salute – provides exclusively for the requirement to be vaccinated in order to exercise. The local health authority may decide that a non-vaccinated professional should perform the employee’s work or other activity, but he cannot be a physician.”Today, those who work without vaccination are committing a crimeAbuse in the practice of the profession. This says the law. Vaccination is a prerequisite for being able to practice the profession. The law is clear. And he concludes that this is a crime and the judiciary must intervene.”

Sanitation suspended, 80% continue to work

The possibility of unvaccinated doctors and health workers working with their eyes Blindfolded origin, there and how.” We are not talking about a minimum percentage but rather “80% of health workers who work despite the lack of legal requirements for this which is vaccination because the law is not implemented.” Aneli said that the law “did not authorize professional orders to do the survey of members who They are not immunized. It is a task assigned to ASL. Without this verification, our hands are tied,” he explains.

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“So far, according to Fnomceo Monitor, there are about two dozen medical orders who have received partial lists of non-vaccinated people and have been able to take action to have them removed from the registry, according to Fnomceo Monitor. But we have 106 orders in Italy! So more than 80% did not receive listings that allow comment. And at least in theory, we can say that 80% of health workers who were laid off due to not being vaccinated are still active.”

Unvaccinated Family Physician: Suspension of Frosinone ASL

“It is an estimate – identifies the Italian chief medical officer – that is not based on specific numbers but can give an idea of ​​the problem: if 80% of applications do not receive the lists of operators to be suspended, this means that 80% of those found not to be vaccinated continue to do their job.” For Anelli is a file A serious condition with many unpleasant consequences. “The law was not implemented, in practice, for 5 months – he complains – it had to be implemented from the day after its publication, on the first of April of this year. Failure to apply leads to a lack of credibility of the institutions. Rules must be applied. If we think that it is not applicable, it means that it is wrong and therefore it must be changed. I can understand that there are problems with the system if the necessary operators are excluded from the work, but the law must either be applied or abolished, there is no third way ».

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Medici no vax, off to the control in Ciociaria

Aneli adds, as professional associations, “We are in a state of excitement because we are custodians of a registry that allows citizens to check if a professional is authorized to work. A doctor who is registered in the registry can practice, but if they do not meet the requirements set out in law and we have not been informed of this before ASL, there is difficulty on our part, so far, in ensuring clear lists. It is a question of being able to guarantee what our role requires and the ability of citizens to be informed.”

Aneli complains that so far”There are no controls for law enforcement. There are health care companies that allow doctors to be doctors despite the explicit prohibition. This is incredible. In this context, my appeal is: “If you fail to enforce this rule, they will be eliminated. There are local health authorities who close their eyes “,” he complains. And not only for doctors, there are many categories involved: nurses, psychologists, therapists, laboratory technicians … they must be vaccinated All for business. I can understand that the system can go into crisis due to staff shortages and there may be problems. But this is the law, it must be respected».

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