The Most Effective Exercise To Get The Steel Stomach Muscles

Some still believe that to get a strong and sculpted stomach, you need to perform grueling sessions crush? Wrong!

Today we’re going to talk about the plank, which is the most effective workout for getting in the steel abs and improving posture. It only takes a few minutes a day, no special equipment is required and you can do it anywhere, even at home.

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What is a plank

The plank is an isometric exercise that mainly strengthens the core, but also the legs, arms, and buttocks. In short, one exercise involves multiple muscle groups.

There are many variations with different degrees of difficulty. The classic type is “headboard” with support for elbows, forearms and toes. But there is also the “side plank”, which has to be performed on the side and the “reverse plank”, with the stomach upside down.

In the beginning it is a good idea to do steady exercises. Then, over time, you can switch to dynamic versions of the plank. Go down and get off with your hands, mountaineer, go back and forth, swing right left etc …

To ramp up the exercise, plank exercises can be performed using trx Hey football.

The plank is an exercise used in many fitness disciplines and more. Yoga and Pilates, but also functional training, CrossFit, boot camp, and gymnastic exercises.

What benefits does plank bring?

Sure, the plank is the most effective exercise for getting abs from steel, but it includes many other muscle groups in the body.

In particular, the back is strengthened thus ensuring a better posture, the buttocks are tightened, the legs become more proportional and the stomach is clearly flat.

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But not only that, after actually exercising a little more, there is greater muscle flexibility and improved balance.

Correct implementation of the plank

To get the most benefit, the exercise must be done properly. So let’s see how to perform basic plank placement.

Lie with your stomach on the floor, and lift yourself up and support your body with your toes and forearms, with your elbows perpendicular to your shoulders. The body should form a straight line, and never bend the knees. The abdominal and buttock muscles should always remain contracted.

The duration of the exercise

The more you can hold the position, the more benefits you will get.

The advice is to go ahead step by step. Beginners can start by holding the position for 10-15 seconds in succession, for 3 sets with a 30-second break between sets.

As you get more trained, gradually increase the waiting time to one or two minutes in a row.

Don’t make mistakes

To get good results, the exercise must be done correctly. If you don’t have the opportunity to be supervised by a coach or other person, the ideal would be to be able to look in the mirror during a performance.

Here are the most common errors.

heating: As with any type of physical activity, it should always be done so that you are not in danger of straining and twisting.

Pelvic positionIt should remain in perfect alignment with the rest of the body, neither too high nor too low

shoulders: Always in line with the rest of the body, it should be stiff and never curved

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neckIt should not be kept under tension.

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