Ultra-processed and fast: Foods that harm memory and fertility

Health starts on the tableNot repeated enough. But following the lifestyle habits that allow you to choose healthy foods is not easy. Daily jogging, frenetic pace and tiredness at the end of the morning or at the end of the day lead to suitable solutions. In the name of high-flavor foods, easy and quick to prepare, and appetizers. Including the use of junk food, the popularity of which shows no sign of waning. But it is in this area that the long-standing pitfalls of our health related to food lie. Two recent studies confirm this, beginning with a series of new data regarding ultra-processed foods.

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The most attractive and among the most dangerous

A team of researchers from New York University published employmentAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition The result of research conducted starting with the division of food into four main categories. The first includes Minimally processed foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, and milk. The second She “trial” foods prepared for home consumption by adding olive oil, salt, butter, and sugar. third class It relates to canned foods such as fish and legumes. the fourth What interests us most: Ultra-processed foods, such as frozen pizza, soft and non-carbonated drinks, fast food, salty and sweet snacks, ready-made soups and processed and sugary cereals for breakfast or snacks. They are a very tasty and convenient food, have a strong flavor and are instant and ready or ready to be prepared in no time at all. In the United States, their consumption is what provides 57% of daily calories for people of all ages, and in the rest of the world the proportion is constantly increasing. With a risk not to be underestimated, which has to do with the brain’s ability to process and “retain” memory. The New York study intersects with that published in Science Direct (It is fully available here in English), during which ultra-processed foods purchased and consumed by humans are introduced to mice. The result was a case Brain inflammation They are found in animals, which in the long run cause memory impairment. Contrasted only in part with eating foods containing omega-3 (Like a blue fish, this is our in-depth analysis). That’s not all, here we are in fast food and using flatats.

If health ends up being “plasticised”

On the Journal of exposure science and environmental epidemiology A study was presented revealing the presence of Phthalates in the most popular foods was selected in fast food chains. They have been checked 64 kinds of different foods Various types of pizza, sandwiches, Tex-Mex dishes and flat residues were found on a scale from 70% to 86% of the food samples analyzed. What are phthalates? They are plasticizers that make the material to which they are applied compact, flexible and moldable. But from the containers it passes into the food and when it is assimilated by the human being, Interferes with hormonal balance (even in the process of fetal development inside the mother’s womb) poses risks and damages to breathing (in favor of asthmatic syndromes) and to fertility. This is the first study to sample plasticizers and flatulent residues in highly consumed foods. The data is not reassuring at all which awaits further tests and feedback.

What is inside sausage that is a treat for many? (Pexels Pictures)

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