The most expensive yachts in the world, things of billionaires: who they are and how they are made

If you also, when you are in the port, admire the yachts with their charm, then here are which are the most expensive in the world, who they are and how they are in them

It happens to everyone: when you visit a famous seaside city, like Ibiza’s Ibiza or… Some port locations In Fuerteventura, you get lost enjoying the yachts and private boats that are moored waiting to depart. Unbridled luxury always affects everyone, and it would be nice to be able to climb it at least once in a lifetime. That’s what they are The most expensive in the world and who owns it.

Yachts, who owns the most expensive yachts in the world (

Although many families who live by the sea own a motor boat, or it may have been passed down second hand or inherited from their grandfather, with yachts it is very different. The prices of those Luxury boats They are incredible and some of them have really insane costs: owning one is a sign of wealth. Here are the most expensive ones in the world, how to make them and who bought it.

The most expensive yachts in the world – here they are all

In fifth place is dream, the boat, which is scheduled to be launched next year. It’s a project by Winch, produced by Vard of Fincantieri. Somnio is 222-meter yacht across the Atlantic Ocean 39 apartments long inside. Each house would cost $11 million: the cost of the entire floating 7-star hotel, bars, restaurants and clubs More than 500 million dollars.

Yachts, who owns the most expensive yachts in the world (

Climbing in the ranking is topaz, a luxury yacht owned by Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and owner of Manchester City FC. At 147 meters long, it has a tennis court, concert hall, gym, helipad to fly to, and even a jacuzzi. its cost 530 million dollars.

In third place Azam, by the former President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Designed internally by Christophe Leoni and externally by Nauta Design of Milan, it is 180 meters long and has 94,000 horsepower engines. its cost 605 million dollars. The second in the ranking Eclipse by Roman AbramovichWith a length of 163.5 meters and a speed of 25 knots: the cost of its daily operation is 80 thousand euros, to which the cost of one million euros is added for fuel. the cost? 900 million dollars.

However, the most expensive yacht in the world wonsupreme historyMade by Stuart Hughes for a confidential buyer. Its structure is completely covered with 80 kilos of gold and 20 kilos of platinum and jewels, while some of its components were made of A meteorite two million years ago. Total cost 4 and a half billion dollars.

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