Spinners, who they are, age, how much they earn

The three, in their first appearance as champions of the show, won a good sum of €57,000.

chain reactionOn the July 8 episode, new champions were crowned Centrifuges. All three were defeated Fly fly flywhich thus remained in the programme Only two appointments.

Centrifugal chain reaction

Chain reaction juicers, who are they

a team Centrifugesnew heroes chain reactionConsists of IlariaAnd Robert And Federica. The three, as they themselves identify, are first and foremost friends. Furthermore, they are colleagues working in a laboratory of a public hospital. Ilaria, Roberto, and Federica live and work in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna.

Centrifugesas mentioned earlier, they managed to defeat Fly fly fly. Therefore, Pina, Giada and Aldo managed to remain champions for only one episode, and immediately stumbled upon defeat.

How did the race go?

Fly fly fly And Centrifugesduring chain reaction On July 8, they gave life to a closely contested match. The current champions had the opportunity to answer the Zoot. The string of words, as is known, allows, if solved, to get five more seconds duringwin deal.

the Fly fly flyBy guessing, you have earned a time bonus. However, this was not enough. Pina, Aldo and Giada in the heatto understand FifthIncentiveThey gave a disappointing performance. Due to some incorrect answers and various errors in wording the clues, the title holder got a total of three words.

On the other hand, the de Centrifuges. The three, who may have rebounded from their opponents’ poor score, finished with six answers. And so the young lab staff became the new heroes and got to take part in a gamepost series.

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Chain Reaction The Juicers show how much they won

Chain Reaction The Juicers, How Much Did They Earn

Centrifugesl chain reaction On July 8, they made it to the final with a very high provisional jackpot of €117,000. The new champions, despite making their debut in the deciding heat, kept their cool, and made it toThe last word without making a single mistake.

In the end, they had to come up with a term that starts with For example and end with or which can be associated with black. Centrifuges They bought the third item, halved the jackpot to €57,000 and revealed the term Analytics. Ilaria, Roberto and Federica answered without hesitation a periodand managed to win the total.

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