Mars, the first time in a NASA helicopter: “The flight was a success.” Pictures

The unmanned helicopter cleverness NASA flew overhead Mars In the first test, it aims to demonstrate the possibility of controlled flight for the first time on a planet other than Earth. During the night, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers sent flight orders to the helicopter’s drone. It took three hours to confirm the experiment. NASA, which determined the flight, wrote: “Success”: “It made history today by being the first aircraft to make a controlled flight with engines on a planet beyond Earth.”

Signal posted by Ingenuity al Perseverance in the rover, Who on April 3 launched the drone on the surface of Mars, after he had brought it with him on a long flight from Earth; From the rover, the signal was sent to the mission probe March 2020 Which was in the orbit of Mars, which then sent it back to Earth. The creative flight, in a fully automatic manner, took a few seconds and raised the drone about three meters, to land on all four legs. The car has rested and the batteries will be recharged. Great enthusiasm for NASA with applause of relief. Pictures of the flight, captured by Ingenuity and rover cameras, reached us about 60 meters from the drone. The first shots of the drone in black and white, Only when the car recharges the batteries, it will also be able to send color pictures.

The name of the drone comes from the state chosen by American student Vanessa Rubani, who proposed it The main rover, later renamed “Perseverance”. “The Mars helicopter It’s a high-stakes job – he explained Stefano Capeci, An Italian engineer who worked on the Martian helicopter at Pasadena Laboratories – being a tech show. Nothing is taken for granted, and as a team, we are aware of all the potential risks that we might face during the mission. The test campaign conducted at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been successfully completed, and this gives us confidence in the mission. “

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