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Four ways to recycle your hair: Here’s how

Every year in Europe they are cut off Poetry average weight 28 thousand tons. Hair that once in contact with the ground becomes litter. For lovers of sustainability, hair can be recycled, turning it from waste into a reusable product. Hair, for example, is able to absorb fatty substances up to nine times their weight. So I biological absorbent natural and economicalso much so that it can be used to remove oil from polluted seas.

Wig for the treatment of tumors

For many years, to support cancer patients, it has been made Real hair wig. A noble gesture that many women make to help sick women always feel comfortable with their appearance. To donate your hair Cut about 25 cm And gather them in a braid. It should not be treated with lines or highlights.

There are also those who do it specifically to support the cause, even some celebrities. An example of this was Francesca Michelin On the occasion of Sanremo Festival 2020.I cut my hair to donate to women who have lost it to diseases like cancer. I’ve had them for a long time so I can do thisThe artist announced.

Hair is used as a fertilizer product

Not just cosmetics. also sectionAgriculture started to care Recycling of hair. How is that? basic. Hair is an excellent fertilizer. They are able to release a large amount of nutrients that are able to make the soil fertile.

L ‘French Capillum Society States “In agriculture, hair helps conserve soil and reduce water consumption. In addition, hair contains keratin, a protein that can be used to clean the environment but can also replace plastic in agriculture and gardening.“.

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recycled hair for styling

A strange idea, but very interesting, which is to recycle your hair like Design Objects. “The UK alone produces about 6.5 million kilograms of human hair waste annually, which mostly ends up in landfills or slowly deteriorates in the environment. – announce Saint Viser, Dutch designer – This causes many problems for both the environment and human health, releasing toxic gases and choking the drain system. However, human hair has many valuable properties: Tensile strength, heat insulation, elastic, oily and light weight“.

Green Collective Salon, the English salon recycles hair

Frey Taylor, co-founder of The green collective saloonUse your hair to make Anti-pollution filters In his salon, Sharq London. He pours water into a tank, then adds motor oil, and finally opens a cotton mesh that fills the hair. Once the filter is complete, it slides over the surface of the contaminated water and after a few seconds it is clean again.

The environmentalists’ group aims to use recycled hair to clean up oil spills at sea, produce compost or generate energy. in a year, 600 salons In the UK and Ireland join the group which collected approx 500 kilos of hair. The group has also collected 3.5 tons metallic to be recycled. Now he hopes to export the model on a large scale to other European countries.

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