The tax reward arrives for those who enjoy the arrangement but also in a rain of fines and settlements: everything changes

An interesting tax bonus intended for those who have always been in compliance with the tax authorities is just around the corner. But there is also room for fines and settlements.

Awards for all taxpayers to date with paying taxes: this is how the new tax bonus designed by the Meloni government can be interpreted. A fiscal measure that could be accompanied by a new amnesty and the widespread cancellation of fines and tax bills.

Tax Bonus: Bonuses for the discerning taxpayer –

The tax reform of the new executive branch is seriously aimed at revolutionizing the system, and directing tax reorganization entirely to the concepts of fairness, transparency and efficiency. But there is no shortage of cash.

Meloni’s government aims to change taxes for Italians through a more flexible and “friendly” tax system. The aim is to try to get taxpayers not to be afraid to pay their debts and thus abandon the prevailing method of tax evasion. In this sense, A.S Tax Bonus: A range of rewards for taxpayers with up-to-date tax payments.

Tax bonus, new amnesty, cancellation of fines and tax files

So financially fit citizens can use it. At least this is the idea proposed by Deputy Minister of Economy Leo, promoter of a new bonus that is only recognized for those who keep up with paying taxes. So these bonuses must be subject to the entry of some kind of tax report card for each taxpayer. With a lot of promotion or final rejection: those who know about taxes are promoted and rewarded (they will pay less taxes) …

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Reward those who have always paid taxes: the reform offers a reward –

Those who, on the other hand, wanted to be smart or could not always be financially impeccable, could receive a proposal from the tax authorities to join the Dedicated payment systemTo resolve outstanding situations and retrieve them in the report card. Or it could be fined.

The new tax bonus is an idea that accountants and social partners don’t like very much. According to the most important critics, the intention to reward loyal taxpayers with a duty to pay taxes can in fact mask judicial prejudices, pummeling of the poorest, and amnesty aimed at in favor of large tax evaders.

Everything still belongs to the field of view. The government has only announced its intention to define some kind of unspecified tax bonus in tax reform, along with a new amnesty. This last measure can be used to offer other possibilities to citizens who are in debt with a state Organize their positions in an easy way. In general, it is not yet known how and who will actually be able to enjoy bonuses and pardons.

What is certain is that the deadline deadline has been extended to October 30, 2023 Formal breach settlement Applications until October 31, 2022, for which it is necessary to pay in the amount of 200 euros. The deadline for private repentance of tax offenses has also been extended with the payment of the penalty reduced to one eighteenth of the minimum (the payment of the first or only installment from March 31, 2023 to September 30, 2023).

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