Sony London Studio on PS5 Online: Confirmations and Assumptions –

sony studio london Emphasizes, albeit in an informal and direct form, the fact that you are in the business of PS5 game online Kind of, something that also emerges from the new recruitment drive that characterizes the first party team in PlayStation Studios.

Latest ad related to various great artist To be used in this new project, which is narrowly defined as an “online game for PS5”, although it is not better defined. The role in question involves building a “wide range of characters, skins, creatures, weapons, and equipment”, for what should remain a major project within PlayStation Studios.

The job ad also talks about “a unique opportunity to be at the center of the creation process Upcoming PlayStation Icons‘, no less, suggesting the possibility of a cast of iconic characters, perhaps in a game focused on multiplayer, given the pressing references to the internet.

On the other hand, this is not the first time that the question has been raised: already last December the London Studio team was looking for an always online lead programmer for an online game for PS5, while other clues emerged later on the existence of a live game.Service for PS5 from By the same team, or GaaS, waiting for more information.

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