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Zero tolerance for “vaccine cunning”. Piedmont had found the way to go to reduce the number of cases of illicit management. To do this, it minimized any form of interpretation on the categories, but despite this, there are unpleasant cases even in the Piedmont region. To find out more about suspicious departments.

This is happening in Biella, for example, where the local public prosecutor has opened an investigation against 60 people who could have been vaccinated even though they had not yet had the right. António Rinaudo, Commissioner for Judicial Administration at the Crisis Unit, thought of finding them: “I took the data, carried out some investigations, and prepared a report to the Public Prosecution office saying that in my opinion it is possible to impose a hypothesis for criminal numbers. My interpretation has paid off.”

However, Biella’s case may not be the only case: “Of course, because there are classes of people who have been vaccinated do not have the right to be vaccinated. For example, in the broad volunteer category, where there are people who have already volunteered in certain contexts, but when we get into Social volunteering, which is a big crowd, everything can go in there, ”explains Rinaudo. Who then says: “If this association is organized in the form of a company and the director of the company is vaccinated, who may not be a volunteer, then you realize that the concept of volunteering has little to do. We need to check cases. I find the CEO of a company’s wife realizing that it is a contradictory note. “.

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How can cases be reduced to the maximum? “The Piedmont region is a privilege under the interpretation of other categories. Many regions have provided fairly broad explanations without commitment to rule-of-thumb. When I have to vaccinate school staff, I cannot vaccinate the tennis teacher or ski,” continues Rinaudo.

It concludes, “Those who misused the system and were vaccinated without the right to have it should be concerned. They must be concerned about having to hold the authorities accountable for violating the provisions of the law. And they will certainly face criminal punishment,” Renault.

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