The Elder Scrolls 6 is an Xbox exclusive, confirms Phil Spencer –

In a recent interview with GQ, Phil Spencer, head of the games division at Microsoft, basically confirmed it Sheikh Scrolls 6 it will be’Xbox Exclusive.

The thing is, in fact, it was somewhat expected and taken for granted by most gamers, but so far neither Bethida nor Microsoft have made an official verdict on the matter. So, new data from Spencer confirms that The Elder Scrolls 6 will arrive on Xbox Series X | S and PC, but not on competing platforms, primarily PS5. A decision, the Xbox chief explains, was made not to “punish” the competition but rather to increase the value of the cross-platform ecosystem.

“It’s not about penalizing any other console,” says Spencer. “I basically think all platforms can continue to grow.” “But we want to bring the full package of our experiences to Xbox. And that goes for The Elder Scrolls 6 and all of our other franchises.”

In the same article, Todd Howard, Director of Bethesda Game Studios, talked about how to do it Xbox Game Pass It changed the vision of the development team, because it allows you to unleash creativity and create the kinds of games that could not find a large enough audience.

To stay on topic, again from the GQ article, we learned that Xbox Game Pass was originally designed to be a rental service.

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