Sony’s patent shows how to recreate your own room in a game –

Sony Recently registered prof patent It is called “the indoor environments that AI generates based on external engineering”. The title might not give you an idea of ​​what we’re talking about, but the description helps us understand that it’s a possibility to recreate an external environment within a video game: It could be something related to PlayStation VR 2?

The patent speaks of a “method of receiving an application to start playing a video game: the gameplay will be configured to take place within one” Virtual space Which is similar to the real environment required. In other words, Sony’s patent speaks of the possibility of creating a setup in a video game that has a real place structure, such as a room or, according to the patent image, a building floor.

Sony patented

The idea applies well to A. Augmented Reality Without cables, allowing you to move freely inside the room. The video game, on the basis of external data, can create an environment as large as the real one at our disposal and thus can ask us to move in it, without the risk of colliding with the objects in our room. Is it possible, then, that the patent is related to PlayStation VR 2?

As always, we remind you that this is only a patent: most of it doesn’t convert to real hardware / software, so it’s possible that it’s just an idea that won’t lead to anything. Still in the PlayStation area, Sony has also lost its appeal in Brazil, and the console cannot be blocked.

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