Konad, shock suggestion: Non-vaccinated employees are on unpaid leave

Unpaid leave for Conad employees without a green pass. This is the hypothesis made by the director general of the cooperative, Francesco Pugliese, during an interview with the “Forth Republic” program Reti 4, which has sparked controversy and controversy, including a boycott campaign launched by neutral activists on social networks.

Pugliese’s suggestion

During the programme, Pugliese recalled the commitment of not only Conad employees, but all Italian supermarkets, during the pandemic, right from the first closure. A commitment that is often underestimated, but which has made it possible in an inconspicuous way to keep POS open in a period of intense confusion. “I strongly agree with the Green Corridor – this is the reasoning given by Pugliese -, I do not understand why I should have such interest, I who have been vaccinated, and then I should instead risk going to a supermarket with the employee who may not be vaccinated. If You don’t want to get vaccinated, I think the right way is to go on unpaid leave.”

The No Fax Intifada

The uprising that provoked the proposal, and which ignited above all in non-purge circles, resulted in Pugliese and Konad not returning to the case. They preferred to hide behind “No Comment” without examining the level of feasibility of the proposal and the situation regarding supermarket employees. On the other hand, on social media, Conad has been one of the most discussed topics throughout the day: not just and not so much for the boycott proposal, but also for the many interventions of people who instead applauded Pugliese’s proposal with an explicit call to make purchases in Conad Points as a gesture of support. for the decision.

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The guilds were surprised

The Pugliese proposal has also taken by surprise the trade unions, who are nowadays engaged, both at the general level and at the category level, in complex negotiations concerning many aspects of the complex relationship between the world of work and the implementation of the green corridor, preferring not to open a front of symbolic value High, like those that can be represented by a well-known brand as Conad. Also because at the start of the vaccination campaign, there was no shortage of voices, including from the world of trade unions, demanding that supermarket clerks be included among the categories to be vaccinated as a priority.

Concerns for Bologna

Moreover, the fear of sabotage is growing, especially in Emilia-Romagna, where some vaccination sites have been damaged and contaminated in recent days and weeks. Especially in light of the fact that on Thursday 9 September Conad will open a store in Bologna that wants to be the flagship: high-quality products and an adjacent bistro in a charming 14th-century building, the former Monte di Pieta in Via Independenza. , few steps from Piazza Maggiore, deserted for years. The fear that the opening of a project on which Konad has been working for some time, which has suffered a setback due to the pandemic, might turn into a pretext for a non-clearance demonstration, may have prompted Konad to be cautious about a topic. However, in the coming weeks, it could also include other workplaces, particularly those open to the public.

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