Heterogeneous second doses start Thursday but in the meantime the calls are collapsing: -80%

There is now a reboot date: from Thursday we start with the parasympathetic call. The predicament of those under 60 who have been vaccinated with a first dose of AstraZeneca and await a second injection has been resolved in a complex mosaic of numbers, including available vaccines, bookings already established and those to be re-evaluated. Summary: The preparation will remain until Wednesday, specifically from Thursday. All appointments frozen between June 12 and until tomorrow will begin to recover. As indicated by the Ministry of Health, the mRna vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna, will be used as a second vaccination for those under their 60s: “The heterogeneous vaccination-affected AstraZeneca boosters suspended on June 12-16 start from June 17 and will be added to calls already expected in that period – A note from the General Directorate of Social Welfare identifies -. At the same time, calls with Moderna vaccine scheduled for June 21 to June 30 (about 80,000) have been submitted for one week. The recall will take place 42 days after administration instead of 35 days Current. The standard adopted was to not punish in any way all Lombards who had already booked to receive the first dose.” Thus, the territory states, “It will be possible to conduct the recalls within the expected time frame.” What about someone in their 60s or older who has already taken their first dose of AstraZeneca? No change, in this case: even the booster will be with the same vaccine, “as indicated by the Ministry of Health and Aifa” specifying Palazzo Lombardia. In Bergamo, about ten thousand people are affected by changing the product for the second dose.

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