Refreshments and new support, here’s what

Draghi’s government is working on what is now called The April OrdinanceThis is a judgment that will be recognized as well Refreshments e Supports For companies and families facing difficulties.

On the other hand, Mario Draghi confirmed that this is the year.You have to bid, not ask for money“We need to accompany families and companies to get out of the crisis and only once the epidemic is under control can we think of a plan for recovery.

After approval of the Sostegni decree, there will soon be another clause that will be funded by A. The new budget teams. The date is set with the submission of the update note to the DEF, where the government will be in Parliament By April 10 (But the government will likely take a few more days because the economic and financial document will have to take into account the effects of the recovery plan, which, however, will arrive in a final draft after April 30th).

For the time being, as Mario Draghi has emphasized, the new budget gap figure is not yet clear: second Prophet, However, the The threshold has risen to 30 billion euros, A number by which the government expects to identify an important new segment of aid for families and companies.

April 30 billion Decree: What subsidies and refreshments will be provided

There are many measures that will be funded through this 30 billion additional deficits. It is clear that the government has not yet clarified the final outlines of the ruling, but the objectives to be achieved should be as follows:

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  • One financing New moratorium on loans and mortgages, At least until December 31, 2021;
  • elongation Deadline for repayment of state-guaranteed loans. For example, for those who are disbursed through the Guarantee Fund, a 15-year repayment is required; This period can extend to 30 years. In addition, there is a possibility to increase the maximum loan amount, currently “fixed” at 30 thousand euros.
  • More extension Prevent evictions;
  • Predict the climate Moisturizing measures For rental home owners who, due to the epidemic, have seen their income drop due to lack of rental income;
  • the new Tranches of contributions that are not reimbursable. To speed up the procedure, there must be confirmation of the requirements already stipulated in the recent support decree. Therefore, anyone who gets this new reward will have another thanks to the April decree. But a change in the criteria for calculating the grant is not excluded; In fact, the government’s intention appears to be to provide greater selectivity, and to acknowledge greater aid to those who have suffered the most from the effects of the crisis (think, for example, in bars, restaurants, and gyms).
  • With respect to Tax deadlinesOn the other hand, the premise is to postpone the payment of personal income tax and IRR at least until June, in order to unify them with the tax balance.

These are, for now, the measures that should be funded under the April decree. a Saving $ 30 billion, Which should be the last of this scale (and then, until the end of the year, the measures should target those who continue to pay for the consequences of the pandemic).

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