Spending bonus, increasing amounts: up to €2,400

How does spending bonus 2021 work and what amounts in major Italian cities are decided by municipalities

Non-repayable bonus
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the Spending Reward, within Dl Sostegni Bis, offers many new features. However, the mechanism is always the same, the money ends up in the municipalities which pass it on to the authorities responsible for the distribution. Then each authority decides both the requirements and the amounts, with ISEE family planning everything logically. The families who in the meantime rejoice thanks to her News about the reward of 3 thousand euros.

Nor will they be dissatisfied with increases in this allowance, which will also be from €2,400 annually as required. The amounts are determined by the number of people in the family unit and are divided as follows for the city of Rome: one component – €200 2 components – 300 EUR 3 components – 400 EUR 4 components – 500 euros; 5 or more components – 600 EUR. But let’s better understand how it works and how much it is in other cities.

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Spending Reward: Cities of Italy

It is adhered to by those citizens who can prove that, due to the epidemic, they have suffered a deterioration in their personal accounts and that their mail book does not exceed 10,000 euros. As for the question, the first thing to do is to request an appointment in the social network of the municipality of residence, and then fill out a questionnaire. Copies of excerpts Bank accountIn case of success, the interested party will receive a call via SMS.

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Looking at the quantities of Rome, we also go to other cities. It is similar to Bologna, where the member is allowed to reward ب 250 EUR two of 350 EUR that became 400 NS 500 euro for 3 or 4 ingredients e 600 EUR of 5 or more components. Different subdivisions for those who live in Turin. It works like this: up to one component, 120 EUR, in three monthly installments of €40; from 2 to 4 components, 240 EUR, in three months at a value of 80 euros; for 5 or more ingredients, 360, in three months from 120 euros.

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Requirements are different from most other cities, for Milan where the show also works differently. Here is the reward 300 EUR For families of up to 3 people 700 EUR For those with more than 3 people. In conclusion, let’s go to Naples and Bari. For the capital of Campania, this bonus is aimed only at families without income and is divided as follows: 1 component = 150 EUR 2 or 3 components = €200 4 components = 250 EUR 5 components = 300 EUR 6 ingredients or more = 350 EUR. In Bari instead, it is played according to the situation and the reward varies from From 100 to 400 euros.

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