Europeans, the champion of Italy! England were beaten on penalties

Blue victory on penalties at Wembley after 1-1 at 120 minutes: champion Donnarumma over Sancho and Saka.

By our correspondent Marco Basuto

Football is back home. Of course we can sing it, or rather scream it without risking betrayal. Because football is also in Italy, which is a beautiful home all in the blue. We are on the surface of Europe, returning under the eyes of President Mattarella after 53 years and doing so on the appointed day of the 39th anniversary of the victory of the world in Spain: we could not die such a date. Victory comes on penalties thanks to a new achievement by Gigio Donnarumma, who saved the English twice after 1-1 (Shaw and Bonucci’s goal) in extra time. Yes, we made it blue and did it at their house, in front of sixty thousand fans that were unleashed on it for 120 minutes. The three lions were tamed, we turned them into dogs, and Mancini was able to do all this while having fun and having fun for an entire month. The fans of course but above all his children. We have won as champions, not as opportunists as we have been accused (and accused) of being: that is the greatest advantage.


We were stronger than Queen Elizabeth’s wishes, with Boris Johnson’s encouragement and good luck over the phone from Tom Cruise, because Mission Impossible this time was done by Italian actors. European champions ride from start to finish, and in which we have lived many lives: technical and tactical overwhelming force, fun, then suffering and finally the maturity of going to take the trophy at the opponent’s home, in a white-clad stadium. Mancini culminates in a virtuous journey that began three years ago and ended with extraordinary speed, which has given us the title, as well as enriching Coverciano’s trophy room, the advantage of relaunching an entire nation from all perspectives. It’s the Italian brand that shines again, with people who have rediscovered the happiness of embracing each other once again. A sporting, economic and social victory.

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attitude behavior

Mancini confirmed that eleven players started him with Spain, and he practically rewards those who accompanied him to the final, although this team includes more than eleven champions. The only doubt that began to swirl at a certain time of the night, i.e. the use of a false nine instead of a constant, was resolved in favor of the number 17. He is then surrounded by Chiesa and Insigne, with the mediator made up of Barella, Jorginho and Verratti and the defensive line with Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini and Emerson. On the other hand, Southgate changed the score with regards to tonight’s indicators which in a way respects us because he chose a more conservative system than an offensive one. Let’s say a precautionary lineup: not 4-3-3 not even 4-2-3-1, but 3-4-3 make way to protect yourself with five defenders. It was Saka who paid for it, with the right path set to Trippier. He confirmed all the other players, with Kane at the center of the attack, Jebel to his left, Sterling to the right of center, and Phillips-Rice in the middle. More assembled form, OK, but then, as coaches always say, posture is what matters. The Brits started better than us, hitting us with a bucket of cold water when the clock showed just 1 minute 55 seconds of play. Trippier’s cross from the trocar and in the middle of the area made a mess, putting three (Bonucci, Barilla and Di Lorenzo, while Chiellini widened towards the wing) on ​​two legs (Stirling and Kane), completely ignoring the entry by Shaw on the left. Di Lorenzo did not climb and the United full-back finished undisturbed with a rebound a few steps past Donnarumma.

What a hit

It was a notable blow, because we never found ourselves in the shadow of these Europeans. A new area of ​​challenge. A goal that increased the spread of gases on the hosts and opened wounds in the certainties of our game. who actually struggled to get out. Until the middle of the break, we couldn’t take the game in hand, and even when it did, trading was for the most part stressful and tainted with many bugs. Even sometimes insignificant, in the struts and throws, a clear sign of the adverse psychological reaction to the injury-traumatic. It has to be said that England have always been able to stay short – certainly shorter than us – and thus facilitated closing in when not running the ball, then returning with sterling rhythm, Shaw’s constant knocking and lucrative ball protection. Balloon entries from Ken and Smart Mountain. Not to mention the aerial duels: the challenge is very asymmetric. We kept under contract and weren’t very clean in the fairways for about half an hour, drew some shy attempts with Insigne and only built one real chance thanks to the goodwill of Chiesa, who did everything himself and finished a few centimeters from the pole. The unilateral initiative – thirty meters of the field – gives an idea of ​​how Italy found it difficult this time to weave the usual web. And even when we managed to close the white shirts in the last twenty metres, we didn’t find any outlets. If nothing else, we were able to take measures in the defensive phase: the British were no longer dangerous.

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In the second half, Mancini did not wait long to put his hand on the orchestra. Minute number nine, outside Parilla (who was tired and wary) and immobile, inside Cristante and Berardi. Translator: Insigne false nine, Berardi left and Chiesa moved to the left. Eve affliction became reality out of necessity. As the minutes passed, inertia moved to our side, as the ball became more and more blue and nibbled a comfortable range of meters to the egg. At 17 minutes, Chiesa tried again, the most inspiring of a Trident break-up, forcing Pickford to deliver a complicated hit, and after an English break (Donnarumma’s trip on the Stones’ dip) we took possession of the match again. Corner right, stampede in the area, Chiellini sinks by Stones but before a potential penalty can be assessed, the action continues: Verratti’s header on the post and the ball bouncing off Bonucci’s foot, quickly enters the door unattended under the cloves of blue fans. At that point, the script of the first 45 was completely flipped. England witnessed the fading of certainty and perfection, which gave us another sphere and Italy found itself making the Italy we knew. For long periods she is the master of spaces and the ball. Five minutes into the 90’s, Mancini removed Chiesa, bruised, for Bernardeschi, who had positioned himself in the middle, and turned Insigne to the left.

Bali and Paraty

And at the beginning of the overtime, there is another change. Inside Belotti, outside Insigne, or Bernardeschi wide on the left. A few minutes later, a Verratti curtain and space for Locatelli. Italy remained in control of the match: we are with the ball, they are in the throw. Without real registration opportunities. In the second overtime we terrified Gigio with a half empty exit, Mancini put Florenzi in place of Emerson, but no one took any risks, so we went down straight away. In the worst door unfortunately, the door left by English fans. Berardi: A goal. Kane: Target. Belotti: Saved. Maguire: Target. Bonucci: Target. Rashford: Pole. Bernardeschi: A goal. Sancho: Saved. Jorginho: Saved. Saka: Saved. We are on top of Europe and this cup is ours Burca Butina.

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