What are the current accounts without expenses for the month of September

Online checking accounts are much cheaper than traditional accounts. This is because it reduces the costs required for the presence of traditional branches in the region. Indeed, commissions, withdrawals, I Telegraphic Transfers And in general, all operations. Moreover, to open this type of checking account, the procedure is quite simple. However, it depends in part on the types of services required. However, in general, the following are sufficient: ID card, passport or driver’s license, tax code and residence certificate or residence permit. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the different offers and choose the most suitable service according to your needs.

Another factor that can affect the comfort of the calculation is age. In fact, there are some promotions for accounts, without expenses, for less than 30. But, let’s see, what are current accounts without expenses for the month of September. Well, the best deals come from: Widiba, Unicredit, Conto BNL Smart, N26, Webank. But let’s see, in more detail, what banks offer this month Online Nor.

What are the current accounts without expenses for the month of September

The first offer to consider is Widiba Bank’s online offer. By activating the account by September 29, the account will be free for the first 6 months. After that you will pay €9 every 3 months. However, this amount is bound to decrease in the following cases:

1) for those who receive a pension or salary credit, the account will cost 8 euros per quarter;

2) It will cost €6 for those under 30 years old.

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3) €8 for those with a €25,000 deposit;

4) €7 for anyone who has €10,000 invested in funds and shares.

Another advantage is the free PEC account and digital signature. You can also order a free debit card, while a credit card costs from 20 to 50 euros. The amount varies according to the type Required service. Other services are: free bank transfers, free withdrawals over 100€, and account enabled for online trading.

Banks without fees

Unicredit also offers free checking account activation by September 30th. In this case, the promotion also includes 0 expenses: activation of the multi-channel bank and issuance of the My One debit card. In addition, SEPA transfers are always free.

The third option is offered by BNL, and is suitable for those under 30 years old. Zero Smart account provides 0 charges: withdrawals, recharges of the prepaid card with the account, and stamp duty for one year. The fees applicable to other transactions are:

1) Withdrawals from ATMs of other banks and abroad: 2 euros;

2) Online transfers: 1 euro;

3) Credit card: 42 euros per year.

Another valid online account called N26, which is a German virtual bank. Zero expense calculation can be requested simply by downloading the application on your smartphone. The advantages of the N26 services are the free wire transfers between N26 users. Then: a free debit card linked to the account; Free foreign currency payments. Finally: foreign currency conversion on favorable terms; Payments with the app.

In the end

Another interesting online checking account is the one offered by WeBank. However, it costs 2 euros per month. However, the conditions can still be considered favorable if you think that they are free: check book and bank transfers in Italy. Then: debit and credit cards, stamp duties, and withdrawals in Italy and the European Union. Moreover, the account is enabled for online trading. For other services, it is recommended to refer to the site.

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Pay attention, because in these cases, the tax authority performs checks on the checking accounts of relatives

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