Current account overdraft, what are the risks in 2021

Since the 1st of January until there is a minimum overdraft from Bank account It can lead to unpleasant consequences. It is the effect of European legislation implemented by some countries, including Italy.

The slate looks worrisome, especially to those who run a medium, large or small business. Indeed, that seems to be enough Only 500 euros exceeded On any current account of any credit institution to move to “relevance,” and is therefore subject to Central bank warnings.

From January 1 this year, banks will consider customers who have monthly overdraft payments to be default, with one big problem: automatic debits will no longer be allowed on red checking accounts.

Problem for companies

Let’s take the case of the businessman in a corner with many payments who, especially in a period like this, depend on the openness to pay his expenses. Suppose also that payments may arrive suddenly, and possibly long-time claimed credits that have been released, a situation that is not unrealistic, for example, if an entrepreneur has credits with the state, which, as you know, is not always the best payer.

Well, these credits can be returned to the sender, rejected through an account that is now irreparably red, which is reported in accordance with the aforementioned legislation, and the money that the entrepreneur had to collect is wasted in the maze of the bureaucratic machine. In short: Creditors will not receive the amounts paid and on the other hand the account holder will be added to the list of bad payers.

Possible countermeasures

Marsala, SosAzienda spokesperson (, Composed of legal and economic advisors and auditors, has been active in this field for more than 20 years.
A company capable of providing an overview of activities to understand the causes of financial problems and find solutions.

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In static cases, for example, If there are many debts in the company, it can be the same number of creditsAnd, the recovery procedure suggested by SosAzienda specialists can pave the way toward a pathway that leads out of the tunnel, allowing you to look to the future with confidence.

“In extreme cases, solutions proposed by our professionals have proven crucial. Before it is too late, before declaring bankruptcy that can also be avoided to deal with future restarting, SosAzienda can withdraw shares of the company, appoint a new director and release the entrepreneur in difficulty,” he concludes. Marsala.

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