Chokpol. Eight Ferrara players have been called up for the World Cup in Prague

Ferrara Chokball athletes have been called up for the 2023 World Chokball Championships in Prague. Satisfaction and pride after the list of Italian women’s and men’s national teams that will participate in the world appointment from 2 to 5 August next. Detailing on the blue call-ups, there are four players and four Ferrara choc-balls, to whom Stefano Cheschi has also been added on the bench for the women’s national team, also from Ferrara. In detail, the Tchoukball World Champions 2023 program in Prague will witness group matches for four teams, which will be played on August 2 and 3, then the knockout, quarter-final and semi-final rounds will begin on August 4, while the finals will begin. It will take place on August 5th. The men’s national team will be in Group C with Hong Kong, Brazil and Germany, and the women’s national team will be in Group D with Hong Kong, Brazil and the United Kingdom. It should be noted that both Italian teams finished second in the last World Cup that was held in Malaysia in 2019 behind only Taiwan, while last year in Leeds the men’s national team won the European category, which is also an excellent result for women who came in second place. . With the details of the blue call-up, eight of the total 24 players come from Ferrara Tchoukball club, effectively becoming the most represented in the major national teams. And this is another confirmation after the success of the Ferrara club at the European level, which it achieved this year in March in the city of Este. The names of the champions from Ferrara in the World Tchoukball Champions 2023. Among the 12 from the Italian national team are Chiara Cecchi, Silvia Mantovani, Anna Montanari, Sara Montonari, Stefano Cicci on the blue bench with Olivia da Campo. Among the 12 of the national team, however, to represent Ferrara are the Tchoukball 2023 World Champions Francesco Conte, Nicola Vergnani, Andrea Jumina and Antonio Notarangelo.


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