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The stands are full of spectators, that passion that overflows and extends over the ups and downs of the Austin Circuit. It is the most beautiful picture that comes from the United States at the World Cup set ablaze in a spectacular duel. Four hundred thousand spectators in three days from the show. Record things and numbers that warm and send a big message of hope inside a file A world not yet free, who is still afraid, but where recovery is in full swing. The hugs that F1 receives in the US are warm and enveloping like a curved snake, a hallmark of the track where a pity-filled run that was set only in the last corner was played.

that it A masterpiece by Max Verstappen and Red Bull. A victory for the applause of the Flying Dutchman. Success built by design now Spread the scissors and shoot up to 12 points Second place in the World Championship Lewis Hamilton. He overcame the landlord and beat him seven times, forced to surrender on the course on which the law had always dictated. He tried very hard to get back to Verstappen. But he did not succeed.

And now there The race for the eighth title becomes more difficult. Nothing is final. But it is quite obvious that it will be a comparison that will only be determined at the end and where I am The details will make a difference in the end. This is a certain fact.

this is The world of 2021 is better than BUTThe. One of the most exciting games of recent years. The recipe for making F1 the best weekend show is no chemistry required. It is there for all to see. We need battle, big duels, non-stop challenges, close fights in and out of bounds, including the middle finger to tap into the opponent. Like those scones our grandmothers made, those real flavours, no tampering with quantities, no resorting to a secret ingredient. Good things from the past.

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Article is needed. And last Sunday in Austin, there was a lot of substance with a GP who didn’t skimp on sentiment within a nation with a massive Formula 1 hunger. Next year, the US will have two GPs on the calendar (Miami and Austin) with Las Vegas pushing for an appointment on the calendar. . “We hope to do more races in the future in this country.”Hamilton said in front of the microphones. Pending the regulatory turmoil for next season, F1 is kicking off the new revolution unleashed by a duel worthy more than anything else, with the hope that the gap between future champions will widen and Ferrari will come into play. There is a significant shortage of red in the hunting grounds. Not only for those who have in their hearts the fate of Cavallino who is on his way to recovery…

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