Antonio Conte deceived: the broker Bochicchio was arrested in Indonesia

A financial advisor who was targeting VIPs and football stars has been put under arrest in Jakarta for international money laundering. He has been on the run for months, including Libby, Evra and El Shaarawy among the victims

Massimo Bocchio, the alleged financial advisor already accused of cheating, among other things, the former Inter coach Antonio Conte of about 30.6 million people and VIPs, were arrested yesterday in Indonesia, in Jakarta, in an investigation conducted by the Judicial Police Department of Gdf of Milan and prosecutors Paulo Filipino and Giovanni Polizzi. The investigation relates to international money laundering charges. The order, signed by the investigating judge Chiara Valori, had been pending for months and Boccicio had fled Italy since July 2020. The broker was under investigation in an international money laundering case by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office. In the decree issued last February, signed by Milan investigating judge Chiara Valori, prestigious property in Cortina, works of art and current accounts with a total value of 10.9 million euros were seized.


The protective order had been pending for months, so much so that investigators had been searching for Bochicchio, who went to Dubai last year, at least since the summer of last year. In the investigation, the Campania-born broker is accused of laundering money from his clients. It was seized, again by order of the magistrate Valori, among other things, a prestigious property in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Bellono), a vase by Picasso and some works by Giacomo Balla and Mario Chivano, photographs of Richard Avedon, as well as a million euros for current accounts and policies. From 2011 on, reading the documents, Bochicchio allegedly “gathered it through the two companies Kidman Asset Management and Tiber Capital” which he created, managed and led in London (the city where he lived with his wives and children) “a significant capital for his clients” . The money he would have diverted into investments “even in countries with low taxes, maximum protection of confidentiality and low judicial cooperation, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, promising high returns and, if necessary, also absolute secrecy (…), omitting established controls to combat money laundering.”

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How many important characters?

Many important figures in the world of sports are among the scammers. Among the names of his clients (who have not been investigated) are also Roma player Stephan El Shaarawy, former Juventus full back Patrice Evra, Raffaele Trombetta, Italian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Marcello Lippi, former coach of the 2006 world champion national team, and his son Daoud. As for the alleged fraud against Conte, the investigation is open to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Modena.

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