Bayern and Lewandowski will likely be absent from Leipzig and the club will not send him to the national team

The reason is the length of quarantine period that must be observed in Germany if you go to the UK

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Bayern think of a better solution to not allow Polish striker Robert Lewandowski to go to the national team. Poland will play three matches in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers against Hungary (March 25), Andorra (March 28) and England (March 31) and according to Bild, current German regulations require Lewandowski to go into quarantine upon his return from the UK. Two weeks. In this case, he will miss the Bundesliga matches with Union Berlin and the big game with Leipzig. According to German regulations, Munich can ban its player from going to the national team if the quarantine period exceeds 5 days. Bayern is now trying to find out if quarantine regulations will be changed before the international match break. A similar problem could affect David Alaba (who plays for Scotland with the Austrian national team) and Alfonso Davis (with Canada against the Cayman Islands).

Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Monaco (Getty Images)

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