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The next edition of the America’s Cup will be held outside New Zealand. The New Zealand team, the owner of Old Jug, has not reached an economic agreement with the national government (equivalent to about 60 million euros proposed) and therefore The Kiwis decided that they would defend the prestigious sailing trophy away from the friendly waters of Auckland. This is a huge blow to the whole country, because we are talking about the national sport with rugby, which is a real driving force for the entire economy, especially after the blow caused by the epidemic. The oceanic barge will be called to search for her fifth seal so far from her beloved homeland and from the Hauraki Gulf that she has proven practically indomitable under “normal” conditions.

America’s Cup, the next edition will not be in New Zealand. Controversy and economic problems

The partnership led by Grant Dalton has been given the green light to start negotiations with other parties, in order to To set a date for the America’s Cup to be held by September 17th. All fans are wondering about potentially interesting locations to host the oldest sports competition in the world, an event that guarantees significant returns from an economic point of view and is a strong attraction for the most diverse stakeholders (media, tourists, sponsors first class, etc.) . In the past three months, after Peter Berling and his cohorts lifted the 100 Guinness Cup to the skies by defeating Luna Rossa in a thrilling final, the most disparate voices have followed each other, but now Looks like we’ve come up with a number of key options, also reported by several New Zealand and British sources.

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It seems to be the primary choice Isle of Wight (Great Britain) is where it all began in 1851 (the American sailing ship won by defeating the home hulls and the legend began). This will also be the preferred solution by INEOS UK, Challenger of Record who has not given her opinion for a few weeks. Ben Ainslie would obviously be great to be able to compete at home and would prove to be an advantage, an unusual situation in the history of this event where it is the goalkeeper who prefers water as law. Other possibilities wink at Middle East with Oman, UAE (Dubai in particular) and Saudi Arabia In the foreground. We always talk about choices that have only one real reason: money.

The numbers for the races in these places are naturally large: if Jim Ratcliffe, owner of Ineos and one of the richest men in the UK, is going to help in Britain, it is clear in the Middle East that the financiers will be their powerful sheikhs. Petrodollars. However, pay attention to the hypothesis China (But it seems difficult) He wasn’t invited too often Valencia (Spain), in which the Swiss Alinghi defended the cup in 2007 and 2010. in the last hours, as I mentioned before Irish ExaminerAnd the A technical team in the America’s Cup had visited Cork (Ireland)., so this is also a very tangible option.

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