Schwartz imposes a “no-hat rule” as the Eagles look to play spoiler against Washington

The only chance remaining for the Philadelphia Eagles in a disappointing season is the chance to play a spoiler.

Bend to Sunday Night Football For the final week, Eagles was the only NFC East team to be disqualified from post-season competition prior to Week 17. However, a victory over Washington could prevent Team DC from entering the playoffs – making the Cowboys-Giants Division Champion the winner. .

Jim Schwartz, the Eagles’ defense coordinator, said not letting Washington celebrate a league win is enough motivation for a meaningless week of 17.

“We should have a no-hat rule this week,” Schwartz said, Via PennLive. “We cannot let opponents wear their winning team hats on Link. There is so much pride in that, and all of our focus should be on [on] This will be done this week. “

Schwartz’s defense has taken a hit this season, including last week’s 20-point loss to Dallas, as Willy’s high schooler Andy Dalton look like Roger Staubbach.

When Schwartz was asked to rate his defense in 2020, he said it was one very early game to be evaluated. They come after their last chance to do something meaningful during the 2020 season, even if it’s just raining on someone else’s parade.

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