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Italy wins despite all expectations on the eve of the match. In August he stunned at the Tokyo Olympics, and in July he stunned at the European Football Championship. Last month, the national football team, which combines skill and luck, won the European Cup 2020 and is now preparing for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He beat England in the final by 4 goals to 3 on penalties, after extra time ended 1 to 1.

Italian athletes at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium have made crushing sparks in each record: 10 gold, 10 silver and 20 bronze. In all, they reached the podium of winners 40 times (they took seventh place after the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia). unimaginable. It is a record that broke both the medal record of the Los Angeles Olympics in the distant 1932 and those of the Rome Olympics in the distant 1960.

Even at the Tokyo Olympics, skill and luck played a role. Italy won the stunning gold medal in the 4X100 relay with a hair show: the last blue rider crossed the line against the British athlete by just a hundredth of a second. Italians on the peninsula and those in Tokyo rejoiced. The award, which has always been the prerogative of American and Jamaican runners, was celebrated by Marcel Jacobs, Fausto Desalo, Lorenzo Bata, and Filippo Tortue, as they rejoiced and wrapped themselves in a huge tricolor flag at the Olympic Stadium. Marcel Jacobs commented: “We are on top of the world. And I must say thank you to the Italians. We felt like pushing them from home… It’s great.” The world’s fastest man shortly before won another gold medal in the 100 metres, a race of speed and strength that American athletes have always won in the past.

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Giovanni Malaggi seems to be out for money. He spoke of a “historical record”, of “a highly integrated and multi-ethnic Italy”. He praised Kony’s directing efficiency: “It’s a very rare thing in our world.”

One miracle after another gave a new luster to Italians and Italy internationally. The Azzurri never really shined in athletics, especially not in running. “Winning helps you win,” Sarah Simeone told Corriere della Sera newspaper. A teammate’s success, especially in Italy’s ban regime, is sure to help increase the enthusiasm and confidence of his teammates. But the same blue athlete who was the gold medalist in Moscow in the high jump identifies the many reasons for exceptional success: from athletes’ sacrifices to backyard testing in the era of COVID-19 to the extraordinary prosperity of regional sport, to the organization guaranteed by the various sports federations.

The victory in the Tokyo Olympics is an expression of the new Italy of 2021, the multi-ethnic integration, despite thousands of difficulties, of men from very different cultures. Hero Marcel Jacobs, for example, was born in Texas to an American father and an Italian mother. His fellow relay, Fausto Desallo, was born in the province of Cremona to Nigerian parents. But 46 Italian-born athletes participated in Tokyo in addition to those born in Italy to foreign parents. This multi-ethnic lymph gave an extra boost to the Italian team. He gave new strength and confidence in the athletic skills of the Olympic team and in football.

Sergio Mattarella and Mario Draghi understood that and thanked the athletes. The Head of State and Prime Minister launched an appeal for common commitment and unity. The message seems as if it is also addressed to the Italian parties, who are always divided and quarrelsome even in such dramatic emergencies as those of the coronavirus. We will see if the new lifeblood of the new Italy after the sport will also pass into politics.

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