Canada’s Miracles: It Was A Shame, Now It’s The Champion

A goal from Ruohomaa at 8’57”, right after Nick Paul’s penalty kick, puts the wings at the feet of Finland in a world final in which Canada shine above all for their lack of discipline. Even off the bench, angry Gerard Galant appears to have more than his match against Russia’s Evgeny Romasco and Czech Martin Frano, the two main referees in the match. The result, however, is three powerplay in the first quarter of the hour, but the world champions too Thanks to so much pressure from the “box” in North America, they are unable to move forward.

And so, in the middle of time, Finland has to deal with a determined opponent’s reaction, which really feels like a very different team than the one that, In the words of Rene Vassil, after the first three defeats in the preliminary stage, he already had one foot in the airport. That Canada, which was very active and indefatigable at the start of Central Time, immediately hit two exciting poles, but in the end he also managed to pass: with 22-year-old Anaheim Ducks player Maxime Comtois, who, having touched the disc with his skate, before To cross the line, he also succeeded in finally correcting it with a stick. And that’s not all: Exactly four minutes before the end of time, the piercing Canadian reboot ends with a blank touch from a Canadian superstar, who is also an Anaheim Ducks star, but the action immediately raises some doubts. So much so that the Finnish coach Jukka Jalonen immediately decided to ask for a coach’s challenge, proving his veracity: at the moment of entering the third opponent, Owen Power does not have the sled on the line, that is, he does not touch it. Thus everything that comes after it will be nullified by intrusion.

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But Canada is not giving up. When he returns to the ice, he begins to press hard again. Instead, it’s the Finns who pass, moreover, shortly after an exciting opportunity happened to Brendan Berry, as Josie Olkenora risks merging it behind his target: suddenly finds himself with plenty of space in front of him, a Bayan defender. Petteri Lindbohm, who, however, in the new season will return to wear Jokerit’s colors, finds a shot from his wrist at the edge of the column leaves no escape for Arizona Coyotes goalkeeper, Darcy Comber: 2-1 point at 45’27”. However, this will not be the decisive episode: in fact, seven and a half minutes after the end, in the midst of a whistling penalty in Ruohomaa, Canada managed to reach a tie, thanks to the usual invention of Comtois, to pass the ball between his legs and serve Henrique Free 2 -2 at 52’37”.

Despite having two great chances for Finland, the score didn’t change anymore before the 60’s so it’s up to extra time, twenty minutes on three on three, as everything decides is a wasted disc in Ruotsalainen’s attack, as Canadians Brown and Paul head towards the goal of the match, At 66’26”.

Finland – Canada (1-0 0-1 1-1 0-1) s 2-3
Networks: 8’57” Almarai (Casci) 1-0. 24’30” Comtois (Brown, Walker/Private Ohtama) 1-1. 45’27” Lindbohm (Nousiainen, Ruohomaa) 2-1. 52’37” Henrique (Comtowa, Brown/Private Almarai) 2-2. 66’26” Paul (Brown) 2-3.
Finland: Olkinora. Koivisto, Sund; Kaski, Matta; Buka, Utama; Nousiainen, Lindbohm; antila, purninen, menalanin; Ojamäki, Lundell, Swedish; Bakarinen, Kontiola, Enala; Salinen, Roohoma, Turonin.
Canada: Comber. Comber. Walker, Ferraro; Stecher, Power. Bernard Docker, Bowden; Schneider. Brown, Henrique, Mangyapan; Darsa, Vilardi, Comtoa; Perry, Danforth, Paul; Foday, Anderson, Dolan, Hagel.
References: Frano (CC), Romasco (Ross); Lazarev (Rus), Schlagin (Rus).
NB: Penalty: 2 x 2′ against Finland; 4 x 2′ + 1 x 10′ (Danforth) vs Canada.

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Final for Bronze

United States – Germany (1-0 4-0 1-1) 6-1
Networks: 5’02” and Lanin 1-0. 26’27’ Garland (Robertson, Wallanen) 2-0. 28’05 Drori (Chmilevsky) 3-0. 31’35’ Robertson (Garland, Thompson/Private Blachta) 4-0. 32’15 Moore (Garland, Thompson) 5-0. 49’28” Bitner (Blachta, Cahon) 5-1. 49’53 “ Donato (Clending, Thompson) 6-1.
United States of America: Petersen. Hellickson, Wolanin; Tennyson, Jones. Weidmann, Mackie. Clendening, Shea. Garland, Moore, Robertson; Labbank, Blackwell, Robinson; Thompson, Rooney, Donato; Chmilevsky, Boyle, Drury.
Germany: Brockman. Seder, Moritz Muller; Holzer, Jonas Muller; Nowak, Wagner; Gawank, Bitner; Pföderl, Reichel, Noebels; Blachta, Kahon, Eisenschmid; Rieder, Loebel, Kunkel; Petrka, Castner, Chandler.
References: Heikkinen (Ven), Vikman (Ven); Nikolainen (vin), sormonin (vin).
NB: Penalty: 9 x 2′ + 1 x 5′ and a disciplinary penalty kick (Chelevsky) against the United States; 7 x 2′ against Germany. The United States without Abdelkader (injured).

Hockey: results and standings

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