Animated series, inspired by the game

From Ark: The Animated Series.

from Ark: The Animated Series.
picture: Wildcard Studio

Gerard Butler? Yeah, that’s strange news, look, I’m just reading what They sent me.

As he revealed in a recent press release, Ark: The Animated Series, First Announced Thursday night at The Game Awards, with a new extended look, featuring animated adventures based on the successful video game, which are also Get a supplement. Sequel Is starring Vin Diesel, Which is, yeah, odd for a game about custom characters – Diesel also joins Studio Wildcard, the company behind the game, to work on both the sequel and the show as the “Creative Head of Affinity”. And I’m sure they just made up.

Anyway, the show created by Studio Wildcard, Ark: The Animated Series It will feature Gerard Butler, Michael Yeoh, Devere Jacobs, Elliott Page, David Tennant, Carl Urban, Geoffrey Wright, Russell Crowe, and others. Set in the mysterious Scientist Ark: Survival Evolved, Which takes place in a mysterious, supposedly primitive world where dinosaurs exist again, follows the 21st century Australian paleontologist Helena Walker, who wakes up to ark and has to figure out how to survive. If the game points anything, it will tame dinosaurs and hit lots of trees.

The show will be created by studio Lex + Otis, with music by Gareth Coker (Uri and the Will of Wisps, Halo: Infinite), Produced by executive and co-hosted by Jay Oliva, who directed DC animation features like his adaptations The Dark Knight Returns And the Bright spot. Texts In production from major writers Margaret Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis. Check out the trailer below.

So far, the program has no place to broadcast. But the show is still planned for 2022, and is in production for two seasons and fourteen episodes.

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