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After opening a window on the future for discussion The sequel to e DLC di Astro’s Playroom, Team Asobi is publishing an important update that brings the resplendent PS5-exclusive platform to 1.5, or more accurately, to The version is 1.500.000.

The update is already rolling out to Sony’s next generic console, and as identified by the authors who helped develop this project under auspices Sony Japan Studio.

Based on the notes accompanying Correction 1.5 In Astro’s Playroom, explorers of this versatile little platform that celebrates the history of PlayStation consoles with Lots of quotes between God of War and Uncharted They should find many novelties.

In the list of corrections made by the Asobi team, there is actually room for interventions to improve the stability and performance of the title, thus ensuring a more immersive gaming experience. It should update too Fix the most annoying bugs Reported by guys, including boring The problem plagued downloads From the title in certain moments of adventure.

To learn more about this project that accompanied the PlayStation 5 release and demonstrated its potential DualSense controllerOur advice is to stay on the pages to read Astro’s Playroom Review Signed by Marco Mutura.

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