A remaster is coming, according to Kotaku –

GTA 3And GTA: Vice City NS GTA San Andreas It will land on different platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, with three remastered As reported by Kotaku who says she is absolutely sure this news is true.

There has already been talk of three Transformers GTA games among the new Take-Two titles, so the title coming from Kotaku is just a confirmation of Common Which has already been circulated with some insistence, but apparently not yet official by Rockstar Games.

The newspaper claims that some highly reliable sources have reported that the Transformers are from the series’ three episodes Grand Thief Auto In the final stages of development, so the ad can come at any time with a “Exit set for fall.

The games could have been rebuilt using the Unreal Engine and would feature a mix of old and new graphics. It is rumored that their appearance is reminiscent of some of the latest mods the community has made for the series, and that the interface has been tweaked.

At this point, all that remains is to wait for any confirmations or refusals from Rockstar Games: if the works on Transformers are already in the pipeline, it should not be long.

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