Telegram invites you to bypass the Play Store

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Did you know this? cable It offers a direct download option for its app Without going through the Android Play Store? Simply go to the official Telegram website, in This page, And you’ll find a link through it Directly download the latest version apk, Which you will have next Manually install (Just click on it: If in doubt Read this guide).

But what is the difference between Telegram on the Play Store and the version on the official website? The interpretation is brief and lacks detail:This version has it Less restrictions and he It is updated frequently Compared to the Google Play version“.

We just have to trust the speed of the update: by downloading Telegram from the official website, we will receive the new updates first (directly Inside the app, No need to re-download it every time). Regarding restrictions, apparently, in the version on the Play Store, there are some restrictions (possibly due to legal reasons) for certain groups / channels that are not in the “official” version. However, this is something that should be of interest to a minority of users.

At the end of the show You will not lose practically anything Keep using the Google Play version, especially since every time updates are announced on the Telegram blog, they always arrive on time. Anyway, if you want to trust the advice Telegram e County Play StoreWe definitely won’t stop you.

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