Hands-on video pits the unreleased Galaxy S21 + camera against the iPhone 12 Pro Max

2020 may remain for another week or two, but Samsung’s 2021 lineup fever has officially begun. We have seen A number of leaked offers And the Promotional videosBut now a new video could be the best look yet at the upcoming Galaxy S21 + – and it includes the camera comparison with Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Although classified as an unofficial review, the video from YouTuber Random Stuff 2 (World Health Organization Previously shared another S21 video) It’s like taking a short, hands-on look at a device that hasn’t been brought up. There are also a number of photo comparisons between the S21 + and Apple’s current flagship. The comparisons between unreleased phones that were published via YouTube video are not the fairest way to judge camera performance, but suffice to see that Samsung appears to be sticking to its competition.

the left: IPhone 12 Pro Max right: Samsung Galaxy S21 +

Besides the camera samples, we also take a great look at the device itself. This phone looks great no matter which side you check it through, with narrow bezels on the front and this unique camera unit that makes it truly special. The battery life is also said to be great, and may rival the Mate 20 Pro’s battery life. Which can achieve two full days of use.

If this video makes you yearn for the S21 +, you don’t have to wait long. Samsung It plans to officially launch the S21 series early next month – Despite this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone showed up at my door tomorrow either.

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