World Cup 2022, Argentina and Poland in the Round of 16: Here’s who they will challenge

Doha, Qatar) – Begin to compose the scoreboard Round of 16 affiliate World Cup in QatarAfter today’s challenges, I crossed between Group C And the group d They decided to mate the following: la Francereigning world champion, first though knockout with Tunisiawill deal with Polandwho finished the group stage in second place thanks to the better goal difference against them Mexico; L’Australiain its second historic qualifier for the knockout stage of the World Championship, after winning 1-0 in the “play-off” with Denmarkwill faceArgentinaThe first in his group, despite missing a penalty kick Messi and the “slip” on his debut thanks to a 2-0 victory over Poland.

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Moviola, the generous penalty kick awarded to Argentina against Poland

Teams have already qualified for the knockout stage

FranceAnd the Brazil And the Portugal They separated the ticket for the round of 16 bouts in advance. to join them yesterday DutchmanAnd the SenegalAnd the England And the United State and today FranceAnd the AustraliaAnd the Argentina And the Poland.

Szczesny unleashed social media with his rallies: fan paradoxes

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Szczesny unleashed social media with his rallies: fan paradoxes

Round of 16 schedule

Eighth 1: Netherlands – USA (Saturday, December 3, 4pm)
Eighth 2: Argentina-Australia (Saturday, December 3, 8pm)
Eighth 3: France – Poland (Sunday December 4th, 4pm)
VIII 4: England – Senegal (Sunday 4 December, 8pm)
Eight 5: 1E-2F (Monday, December 5, 4 p.m.)
Eight 6: 1D-2H (Monday, Dec. 5, 8 p.m.)
Eighth 7: 1F-2E (Tuesday, December 6, 4 p.m.)
Eight: 1H-2G (Tuesday, December 6, 8 p.m.)

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