Because the countries that vaccinate most of them remain banned –

1 Why are Israel and the United Kingdom, which feeds quickly, shutting down, while Italy, which is moving more slowly with the vaccination plan, is almost completely in the yellow zone?
The two countries found themselves with A large number of infections When the vaccination campaign began, which justified the closure. Israel It was Very fast To be organized but that hardly matters Nine million people, Less than Lombardy, and he got the doses Pfizer vaccine required In exchange for prof Large database On the effects of immunization on the population. There were no problems with the supply How do we suffer in Europe. It is true that the UK is advancing rapidly as well, but I will not take it as an example because they have changed the protocols, and they are experimenting, delaying the second dose, the last option that may lead to variants appearing since a single dose more abundant amount of equivalent antibody is not sufficient to prevent the virus. Therefore, those variants that are not recognized by the given antibody risk facilitating them. ”

(2) Germany is following the same pace as Italy in the field of vaccines, but expanding the restrictions. why?
“While Germany has recorded an overall decrease in infections, it fears the spread of variants, especially English which risks becoming prevalent and could cause a new surge in infections. Italy also has the same problem with Brazilian variant in UmbriaWhere red zones have already been established. ”

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3 What should Italy do?
“We have to be very careful at this point We cannot afford a major reopening. I am against a return to skiing, swimming pools or team sports. We have to hold out for another two or three months: if we reopen too soon, we will not only expose ourselves to a new wave, but also to the spread of new variables. ”

4 Why should people who have been vaccinated continue to follow precautions?
“First and foremost because to reach the effectiveness mentioned in the studies we have to wait On average, a week after the second dose. Furthermore it We still do not have definitive evidence that these vaccines in addition to the disease prevent infectionHence the infection. We have strong indications on this point for Pfizer and Moderna but there is no certainty. Finally, remember that no vaccine is 100% effective (Pfizer, Moderna 95%, Astrazeneca 62%): This means that Not all people who are vaccinated will be protected».

5 Will we have to keep masks and stay spaced for herd immunity to be achieved?
«Choosing an Astrazeneca vaccine, With an efficacy of 62% (for those under 55), We have given up herd immunity, This thing should be clear. With 95% efficacy it would be sufficient to vaccinate 70% of the population to achieve immunity. If we consider that people under 16 are out of protocols and that a certain share of no Vax remains, then it is difficult to imagine community immunity in the near future. But Even if we cannot prevent the virus from spreadingPeople at risk will remain protected. We should not be in a hurry: there are many well-effective vaccines on the way that could really help us.

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Antonella Viola, immunologist, professor of pathology at the University of Padua answered)

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