Tesla’s autopilot was involved in 273 accidents in less than a year –

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A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that Tesla cars are involved in 70 percent of known accidents involving a self-driving car.

There is now compelling evidence of performance Vehicle Assisted Driving SystemsMany of them are already in full trials on American roads. Let’s talk about The software that supports the driver, don’t replace it entirely, but you can control the vehicle in linear situations, such as a road trip. The results were realistic.

Tesla’s autopilot accounts for 70% of claims

a Report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration The federal agency that belongs to the Department of Transportation and is interested in understanding how to increase road safety has analyzed road accidents involving advanced assistive driving programs from last July to May 15. The most interesting data relates toTesla AutopilotThe most popular and widely used. In less than a year he was the protagonist 273 claims, much more than is known. Not only that: the number represents 70 percent of all accidents considered (392 total), and thus one of the cars equipped with this type of software. Tesla so far has almost 830 thousand cars Circulated and equipped with some automated driving systems. In second place falls Honda90 accidents (out of 6 million vehicles) and the third instead Subaruwith 10. Other manufacturers have reported 5 or fewer claims.

The trick is not to be discovered

The number should be compared to a previous analysis by the Federal Agency, which dates back to 2016. Here, too, accidents involving Tesla stand out: 35 of the 42 total. Last June federal order It made possible the launch of this new investigation into how safe car assistance systems actually are. Each product (about a hundred) must now Report all incidents that occurred during the operation of the program. The most serious within one day of the event, and the least serious within the fifteenth day of the following month.

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Most importantly, the incidents that should be reported are those in which the program has been Active for at least 30 seconds. This is because there is a suspicion – if not an accusation – that the program was Programmed to stop right before impact. So the producers could announce that they had no role in the incident. The agency specifically wants to collect data on unique risks This new technology could give rise to it, especially to understand if manufacturers are doing their best to avoid it. He explained that we need to understand the performance of these vehicles in real situations to the Washington Post Stephen Cliff of the National Traffic Safety Administration.

How it works

We’re talking about a program that allows the driver to relinquish control of the vehicle, even if it’s still a legal obligation to remain constantly vigil, with his eyes on the road. The car is able to maintain safe speed and distances, but is also able to change lanes. Tesla has also released a beta version of a system update called fully self-drivingWhich adds the ability to move independently in the city, with all the intricacies of the case, including stopping at a stop and recognizing traffic lights. these systems Fully self-driving cars They are not yet licensed for marketing although there have been trials at some controlled sites. The federal agency’s report also analyzed incidents involving this type of program – which is more advanced, but certainly less common: 130 claimsincluding 62 cars from Waymo, a Google subsidiary.

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A total of six dead and 46 wounded

Returning to the report’s data, most of the cars involved in accidents amounted to (124) cars frontal damage. Instead, several others sustained damage on the driver’s side, and even less on the passenger’s side. The most participating states are California and Texas (Which, by the way, is the new home of Tesla.) Regarding the consequences for humans inside the passenger compartment, manufacturers have reported 6 dead and 46 injured in accidents (5 of them are serious). Given the total number of claims, this number could be higher.

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