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United States: Restaurants have reopened, but restaurant owners are requesting the vaccine

The United StateBolstered by a fast-moving vaccination campaign, they are starting to loosen restrictions and reopen RestaurantsTherefore, restaurant owners are required to include them in the priority categories they are entitled to Vaccines.

The hypothesis has already been discussed many times, but now the request is more urgent.

More than anything, because if more and more states reopen restaurants, the inclusion of workers in the catering sector in the categories that can get the Coronavirus vaccine is not done as quickly. According to data from the New York Times, only a third of the United States allowed restaurant workers to get vaccinated, while at least 26 people have begun opening vaccinations for grocery store workers.

Meanwhile, pressure increased to return the country to normalcy. States like Texas this week allowed all businesses to fully open their doors, and many states now allow restaurants to reopen indoors as well.

Thus, the issue of obtaining vaccines for various categories of workers has become urgent, as is also the case in Italy, although the vaccination campaign here is still far from that of the United States.

[Fonte: New York Times]

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